Digital access to puppet exhibits

Museum visitors can keep up and receive all necessary information about the museum’s exhibits.

Museu da Marioneta is located in Lisbon and has puppets from various parts of the world, with different forms of manipulation and different social and cultural functions. The client’s aim was to provide information about their exhibits to visitors intuitively.

This project’s goal focused on developing a digital platform, for puppet enthusiasts who could access information anywhere, about the museum’s exhibits.

In this project, Carbon had Samsung’s support, and the application was developed for smartphone and tablet in iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java). As for the content management, the team has developed a BackOffice based on Carbon Cloud’s platform, which facilitates content management across all platforms, user management, profile edition, screen addition and change, import of content in volume, sending of push messages, consulting of analytical data,  and many other operations.

With Museu da Marioneta app users can access all the information about the exhibitions anywhere and still have access to educational games. The application has enhanced the strengthening of the relationship between the museum and its visitors through the provision of relevant and interactive content.

Check it out live: