Interactive games promoting brand awareness

Developed with Unity 3D, in partnership with Wiz Interactive.

WIZ Interactive is a creative marketing and digital communication agency, whose client for this project was a brand of beverages, B!monada.

The goal of this project was to improve the brand's positioning in the marketplace towards its target audience, through its entry into the digital mobility industry.

It was developed for smartphones, iOS and Android using Unity 3D, which allows developing 2D and 3D games for multiplatform as was intended in this project. The biggest challenge was to be able to support devices with low specifications, which the team managed to overcome successfully.

The B!Moninja application is a 2D game that aims to help an elder through various challenges that have to be covered. It is a simple and fast game where the great goal is to keep on breaking records and sharing them with friends on social networks. Through sharing, users have the possibility to challenge their friends to join this adventure.