Mobility in the banking industry with Banif Trader

Improving performance and reducing costs with Xamarin Cross-Platform development

Banif trader belongs to the Banif Group, which was a financial conglomerate based in Portugal, operating in the financial and insurance sector.

The bank had as a daily procedure sending out documents in Excel to its customers, with all types of information required regarding shares in the stock market. The main challenge launched by Banif was the modernization of the process of delivering relevant documents and information to its customers.

The team developed the API and the information aggregator solution about the market and investment areas, managed in a tailored central system and distributed by shareholders through mobile applications for smartphones. Since the service layer (information that feeds the application) was too heavy and the application was intended to be implemented for android and iOS, it was strategically decided to develop the application in Xamarin, with the purpose of optimizing resources.

The mobile application helps stakeholder’s decision-making process, providing them access to well-structured and interactive documentation, with in-depth details. At the same time, it has become a pivotal channel for the bank to reach their customers on a daily basis.