Ipiranga becomes more intuitive with a bet on mobility

All access to event information wherever you are.

Ipiranga belongs to Ultra Group, and is one of the largest Brazilian fuel distribution companies.

Ipiranga organises many events for its employees, and in order to facilitate access to the information of each event, they wished to develop a mobile platform. Due to the size of the events, the client wanted to make all the necessary information about them and their surrounding places available on the collaborators’ mobile devices.

This app was developed for smartphones and tablets, iOS (Objetive-C) and Android (Java). It was developed on top of two Carbon products: Carbon Cloud and Carbon Events. Carbon Cloud facilitates content management for all platforms, user management, importing great volumes of content, push messaging, access to analytical data, amongst other tools.

A mobile event solution for all employees, with easy to access, intuitively organized information. A solution granting complete access to the great universe of Ipiranga events, with all sorts of information such as complete agenda, localization, interactive venue maps, exclusive data for resellers and much more.

Check it out live: