Studo: An educational TV App

Provide your kids with an educational experience while watching TV.

The Vodafone Group is the mobile telecommunications company with the largest presence worldwide.

The goals of this project was to enrich Vodafone’s TV boxes offer applications and develop an application that gave access to content on television that provides educational exercises for children.

The application, API and BackOffice were developed with .Net and Mediaroom technologies for Vodafone’s TV box. Special attention was given to user interface design, not only due to the TV format but also because of the young target audience’s special requirements.

The app is unique for allowing parents to automatically block TV content (parental control) at specific times, launching a math quiz, according to each kids school level. The TV content is unblocked after the quiz questions are correctly answered. To promote an educational experience, if incorrect answers are provided, the young viewers will watch a short explanation about the exercise they are trying to solve.